Paris by Night Photo Sessions

If you’ve ever wandered around Paris at night, you can see why it’s called the City of Lights – the sparkling Eiffel Tower, the glowing monuments and luminous boulevards – are beautiful during the day but have a little extra magic at night. That’s why night time photo shoots in Paris are so popular and I highly recommend them for engagement sessions, couples sessions and even solo lifestyle sessions. 

I’ve created a special photo shoot that I like to call (surprise, surprise) “Paris by Night”, which adds a little extra creativity and Parisian “je ne sais quoi” to the photos. Inspired by classic black and white images from a bygone era (think Cartier-Bresson, Brassaï and Avedon), this photo session is only shot in black and white, with a film look that leaves a lasting impression.

A few more details about my

Paris by Night Photo Shoots

What makes these sessions different from my regular photo shoots? If you look at the rest of my photography portfolio, my sessions are always during the day, with a light, romantic feel to them. I love the fine art style, which emulates classic film, which is why I decided to create this night time series that had a similar feel, but with some extra drama. 

Since these photos are taken at night, you’ll see glimpses of famous monuments in the background, but not in their entirety the way you would during the day. You’ll see movement, artistic blur and that old-school grain that channels old-world glam.

Kind Words

"She beautifully captured my fiancé and me"

Elizaveta did an incredible job, I highly recommend her work. She beautifully captured my fiancé and me, and she was very professional. We had so much fun during the shoot, and she had fabulous direction and recommendations for where to take the photos.


My Style

As a photographer in Paris, I’m continuously inspired by this gorgeous city. I love capturing movement, emotion and authenticity in my photo sessions and the “Paris by Night” shoots are no different. While the sparkling Eiffel Tower serves as a stunning backdrop, it never overpowers the main subject – you.

Night time photos vs Day time photos

If you’re wondering what kind of photo session is right for you, here are a few things to consider: have you had your photos taken in Paris before (which means that you may want to be able to see all the details of the famous sites in your photos)? Do you want photos with small children or large groups? Do you want photos in colour? Then a day time photo shoot is for you.

Do you know Paris like the back of your hand and want a different kind of photo shoot? Something more creative, artistic and just…unique? Then a night time photo session is what you need! 

Still can’t decide?

If you’re still feeling unsure, the good news is that you don’t have to choose – we can organize a photo shoot during the day and another at night. That means more locations, outfits and more fun!

More Details

The Location

While this type of photo shoot happens at night, we can still get the best light by going to locations that offer a beautiful backdrop – the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Opera, Montmartre are just a few places that are perfect for your session.

Hair & Makeup

This is your opportunity to pamper yourself and be a bit more daring. This photo session makes it easy to pull off a more dramatic makeup look. I can recommend several English-speaking hair & makeup artists that are experts at creating a variety of looks that are always photogenic.

The Wardrobe

Like I mentioned before, you can really experiment with your look during this photo session. Wear a glamorous gown, a slinky sequined dress or leather pants! You’re in Paris after all, so why not step up your fashion game and pull out all the stops.

Another thing to remember is that these photo shoots are more popular in the fall (autumn for my British friends), winter and early spring, since the days are quite short. This means that the temperatures will drop during our shoot and I highly recommend bringing a chic jacket that you don’t mind wearing in your photos.

What's Next

This is time of night time photos session in Paris sounds right to you, send me a message below!

We’ll figure out a time, place and date as well as any other details that are relevant to the photo shoot. Feel free to throw all your ideas at me!

As a little bonus, you’ll get my Paris Portraits guide with all the tips you need to look and feel fabulous.

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