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Congratulations – you’re getting married…and in one of the most romantic cities in the world! No matter how big or small your big day will be, one thing is certain – you want to a Paris elopement photographer to capture this special day. You’ve landed on my website, so let me tell you more about who I am and what I do.

First of all, let me start off by saying that I LOOOOOVE elopements in Paris! They have all the love of a big wedding with a lot less stress and best of all, you have all of the city’s gorgeous architecture as your backdrop. More than just the photography, I love hearing about all the details of the day, so feel free to tell me everything – your dress, jewelry, special keepsakes, etc. I want to hear it all (and if you have a Pinterest board, even better!)

Paris Elopement Photography vs Civil Weddings and Regular Weddings

What's the difference?

You’ve probably seen all of these terms, especially in Paris where paperwork is king, so what’s the difference between an elopement and a civil wedding and regular wedding? So let’s start with the civil wedding, which is mandatory for French residents, where the couple and their wedding party go to the city hall to register their marriage. This is a quick little ceremony of about 20 minutes. Many couples then choose to have another, bigger ceremony after (religious or non-religious) followed by a wedding reception.

Elopements are different – they’re usually smaller (sometimes just the couples or a few friends and family) and can be held anywhere, such as a park, hotel balcony or along the Seine river.

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Photographing your Paris Elopement

Elopements can include just you two, or also a celebrant and some close family/friends. There’s one person that’s always present though – the photographer! That’s because no matter how small and simple the elopement, it’s important to capture the moment so that you can share it with those that couldn’t be there and look back at the photos for years to come. That’s why working with a Paris elopement photographer is a big part of your day!

What's my style?

If you’ve been looking around at some other Paris photographers already, you’ll notice many different styles, from fine art to dark & moody to high fashion. As a Paris elopement photographer, it was important for me to find a style that I love:  Joy, love, cheer, light, excitement, honesty … all of these ideas are important to me and are reflected in my style.

Another key aspect of style that plays a big role in a photographer’s portfolio is the experience behind the session. What does that even mean? Well, it’s about the preparation beforehand (so that I can get to know you, your story, and all the details that are special to you on your elopement day), and our interaction on the big day itself that allow me to capture the real you with all of your excitement and happiness.

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The details

Your Elopement in Paris

Now to the fun part: how, when, and where?

The Photographer

As I mentioned earlier, the photographer is a big part of your day. If you’re on my website, you’re considering me (yay!) but let’s make sure that I’m a good fit. How do you know if you’ve found the right photographer for you? You’ll want to make sure that the style fits your vision. Look over their portfolio and if you can picture yourself in those photos, then go for it! Don’t forget the most important point – availability! As a Paris elopement photographer, I’m often booked many months in advance, so try to plan ahead (but if this was a last-minute idea, don’t worry, it never hurts to ask about availability).

Communication is key. Ask lots of questions, share your ideas and tell me aaaall about your details: the dress, the jewelry, and anything else you’re planning.

Let's get started!
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The Location

You’re in Paris for a reason – the architecture, the cafés, the famous monuments, the historical streets – this is one photogenic city! But wait, have you thought about where in Paris you want to do it? The Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Montmartre, Tuileries Gardens, Palais Royale…the list goes on. We can work together to find the perfect place for your ceremony with the right amount of privacy. After (or before) the ceremony we can continue the photo session around different sites in the city.

The time of day is another important factor you’ll need to consider. I highly recommend early morning sessions soon after sunrise for 2 reasons. First, the light is soft and beautiful compared to harsh midday sun. Secondly, the city is fairly empty of tourists in the early morning, giving you more privacy and better photos (no one likes a random photo bomber with a bright orange sweater in the background).

Hair & Makeup

Elopements are the perfect opportunity to pamper yourself! I can recommend several English-speaking hair & makeup artists that are experts at creating a variety of looks – from natural to dramatic – that are always photogenic.

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The Celebrant

If you’re interested in having a celebrant marry you, I can recommend several wonderful people (English speakers with a real gift for creating a personalized ceremony, either religious or non-religious, depending on your preference).

What Happens Next?

If you’re ready to book me as your Paris elopement photographer, or you have some questions, just send me a message on my contact form or directly by email. We’ll figure out a time, place and date as well as any other details that are relevant to the big day. Feel free to throw all your ideas at me!

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