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Why hire a Paris family photographer?

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We often remember to take photos of big life events, like engagements and weddings, but capturing the little moments is just as important. Whether you’re in Paris with your family for just a few days or you’re already living here, family photo sessions can be both fun and memorable.

I love doing family photo sessions because the little ones keep things fun and creative. These types of sessions are great for capturing candid moments that truly reflect the personality of your family.

What's My Style?

Maybe this is your first time looking for a Paris family photographer or maybe you’ve already seen other websites or even had family photo sessions before. Every photographer is different, but their style goes beyond their portfolio – it also includes the experience itself.

So what does that mean? Well, if you look at my photos you’ll see a lot of interaction, close ups, details and emotion. I take a few of the classic posed family shots (for grandma and grandpa) but then I like to get things moving with lots of prompts to get everyone laughing, jumping and just acting like a big happy family. The best photos I’ve taken were when the kids are relaxed and giggling with their parents.


what kind of a Paris family photographer are you looking for?

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Outdoor Family Session

Paris is a gorgeous city and I love taking family photo sessions outside in the sunshine (weather permitting of course). We can do photos at popular locations like the Eiffel Tower, Tuileries Gardens or the Louvre, or we can go to your neighbourhood park where the kids can play on their favourite swings. For outdoor Paris family photo sessions, I make sure to have a good mix of sweeping panorama shots as well as close ups.

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Indoor Family Session

Let’s face it, Paris isn’t known for its amazing weather, so in some seasons it’s just easier to plan an indoor family photo session. Just because we’re indoors doesn’t mean that we can’t get amazing shots. The advantage of having an at-home session is that the kids are in familiar surroundings and can get more comfortable in front of the camera. These types of sessions are also great for family photo sessions involving newborns that may need changing or feeding frequently.

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Maternity Session

Maternity sessions are such an important way to remember this special time for you and your growing family. I try to bring the same natural lifestyle approach to maternity sessions as I do to my regular portrait sessions.

There are no rules for maternity sessions – they can be comfy and cosy at home or with a dramatic flowing dress in front of the Eiffel Tower (and anything in between). I am always available for a consultation about wardrobe and accessory choices to make sure that you feel your best at your session.

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Baby Session

Many of my clients ask for both a maternity session and a baby session a few months later. While I photograph babies of any age, from tiny newborns to chubby 1 year olds, I do recommend booking the session after the baby can smile. By this age, babies are easier to manage and are much more cooperative during photo shoots. Like my other family photo sessions, baby sessions are done with a “lifestyle” approach, rather than the posed newborn method (although there are many great other newborn studios in Paris that I can recommend).

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Birthday Party

Kid’s birthday parties are fun milestones that you’ve probably spent a good amount of time planning. I see many birthday parties with gorgeous cakes and themes and that kind of effort should be immortalized (yes, immortalized – because the amount of time it takes to plan a kid’s birthday party and then run around making sure that everyone has fun and that no one spills anything, falls down, or starts crying – can be a herculean effort)!

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A few tips for your family photo session

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Think about coordinating as a family by taking into account patterns (stripes, busy designs, etc). Try not to wear extremely bright colours on top (like bright red or neon green -depending on the fabric it can reflect the colour onto the skin, which is not so flattering).

For at-home family sessions, try to keep your space free from clutter. People often notice it once they see the photos and regret not making the space more minimalist.

If possible, open as many curtains/blinds as possible in order to let in a maximum amount of sunlight. Lamps give off an unflattering orange cast so I prefer to use window light instead.

Other Types of Paris Photo Sessions

Paris Wedding Photographer

On top of family photo sessions, I also love photographing weddings! I’m always so thrilled to see the excitement, the emotions and the care that goes into planning such an important day. As a wedding photographer, I make sure to capture both the aesthetics of the day as well as all the candid moments and real emotions. I have several packages to choose from, which include a consultation, at least 6 hours of coverage, 400 digital photos, and a private online gallery.

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Lifestyle Session

What is a “Lifestyle Session” you ask? It’s really just a general term that I use to describe all types of sessions, from fashion bloggers to individual portraits in Paris. Depending on your needs, we can build a custom photo package and work together to plan the perfect photo shoot. Things can get really creative, so feel free to share all your ideas with me, even the crazy ones!

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Still not sure about how to choose your Paris family photographer?

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • What do I want to remember from this trip?
  • When are my kids at their best behaviour?
  • How comfortable do I (and my family) feel in front of a camera?
  • How much time will I have for the session (and what’s the maximum time before my kids get restless or bored)?
  • What do I want wear?

And some questions that you should ask your Paris family photographer:

  • What’s your style?
  • How many locations will we go to?
  • How many photos will I receive and do I get printing rights?

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