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Whether this is your first or you seventh child (in which case, wow, kudos to you!), every pregnancy is different and worth remembering with a maternity photo shoot. It can be as glamorous or casual as you want. As a photographer in Paris and a mother myself, I know that maternity sessions are a different kind of photo shoot, ones that need combine beauty and comfort! That’s why I take special care to work with you to choose the place, wardrobe and style that will make you feel your best.

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What's my style?

Maybe this is your first time looking for a Paris maternity photographer or maybe you’ve already had maternity sessions before and you’ve seen different styles. Photography style is more than just the final photos – it’s about the experience itself, making sure that you feel beautiful, relaxed and comfortable!

If you need to take a break, grab a snack or just change shoes (because we’ve all overestimated our ability to wear cute high heels with swollen feet), there’s plenty of time! I plan maternity photo sessions so that there’s absolutely no rushing.

Kind words

"I was blown away by her thoughtfulness"

We met up with her and I was blown away by her thoughtfulness. It was wet…really wet! It had rained all day and was still raining when we started. She brought us to spots that had the views that we were looking for that were still semi sheltered to keep us from the rain. She had snacks, water, offered to carry our things. She made this (then 7 months) pregnant lady so so happy! We were thrilled with our photos and are so glad to have wonderful memories of our time in Paris and our third pregnancy captured with BOTH of us in the photos.


So what kind of maternity session are you looking for?

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Outdoor Sessions

The historic streets of Paris are a perfect backdrop to your maternity session. We can do photos at popular locations like the Eiffel Tower, Tuillerie Gardens or the Louvre, or if you already live here, we can go to your neighbourhood park that has a special meaning for you. Don’t worry, we won’t be running around Paris – we’ll go at your pace and for longer distances, the taxi is covered by me.

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Indoor Sessions

Wearing a dramatic flowing maternity gown by the Eiffel Tower isn’t for everyone. Sometimes you just want to have a simple and cosy session at home where you’re most comfortable. These kind of sessions are great for getting more candid moments, especially between the couple.

Ready to book your session?

If you’re ready to book me as your Paris maternity photographer, or you have some questions, just send me a message on my contact form or directly by email.

We’ll figure out a time, place and date as well as any other details that are relevant to the photo shoot. Feel free to throw all your ideas at me!

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