Behind the lens

I'm usually the one photographing other people and hearing their stories, but now it's my turn, so here we go!

Nice to meet you!

I grew up in Canada and I was pretty happy with my life in Montreal but I could never shake the feeling that I wasn’t home…yet. In my mid-twenties I decided to take a chance and see what living in France would give me.

Would it be an endless supply of pastries, rich culture and history at every turn? Or would I be swamped under mountains of bureaucracy and that famous French blasé attitude? Spoiler alert: the pastries got me through the bureaucracy.


Photography started as a hobby to keep my friends and family in the loop about my new life in France. Today, it’s gone beyond that to capturing romantic moments around Paris, life-changing experiences and stylish details. I feel so fortunate to share the beauty and the history of this city with the people I photograph.

wedding couples photos chateau de chantilly france

My Style

My style? It could be best described as fine art, light & airy, with a focus on movement, emotion and details. And of course, who can forget the gorgeous Parisian architecture? While I do provide guidance in terms of posing (after all, few of us are professional models), I prefer to keep my style candid and natural.

A few of my favourite things


Macarons, pastries, anything sweet


Parisian architecture


Catching up at a café


Snuggles with my munchkin


Watercolour illustrations

smiling couple at engagement session in paris

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