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Why choose a professional

Paris Photographer

for your trip to Paris?

You’re in Paris, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and you want to go home with more than just an Eiffel Tower key chain. You want to remember the feeling of strolling along the Seine, getting lost in the Louvre or just having a romantic picnic in the park.

I’m lucky enough to call Paris home and I love sharing all the beauty this city has to offer with visitors. As a Paris photographer, my goal is to capture the gorgeous architecture and soft light around you, but also YOU. Your personality, your story, your experience.

That’s why my photo sessions are personal and relaxed. Just me, my camera (ok two of them) and you. No need to worry about posing or dressing a certain way – we work together to ensure that you’re always feeling comfortable and genuine so that you can go home with a souvenir that’s truly personal.


There’s so much to see in Paris – and a lot of people are here to see it! As a Paris photographer, I need to capture meaningful photos of you in a Parisian setting (from landmarks to cafés to gardens), while juggling the natural light, temperamental weather, crazy traffic and crowds of tourists. Those photos you see online where it looks like there’s only one couple at the Louvre are the result of careful planning and logistics (not photoshop!).

Don’t worry, being a Paris photographer means that I’m the one taking care of everything – all you need to do is show up and I’ll take care of the rest.

What's My Style?

Maybe you’ve just started your search for a Paris photographer or maybe you’ve already seen a gazillion other websites. Every photographer has a style, but it’s more than just the photos in their portfolio. Their style also includes the photography experience itself.

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So what does that mean? Well, if you look at my photos you’ll see a lot of movement, details, close ups, with a few sweeping wide shots thrown in for good measure. I don’t tell you to “act natural” because really, how natural is it for anyone to be in front of a camera? It’s my job to guide you to the right position and give you small prompts that will naturally lead to the interaction that we’re trying to capture. The best photos I’ve taken were when the couple is telling me about how they met or when he’s whispering something silly that makes her burst out laughing.

I don’t do big productions, so you won’t see me with a light stand or an assistant; just natural daylight for me (I only schedule sessions during the day). Don’t get me wrong – there are some great Paris photographers out there that have an entire crew and do stunning work (and I would be happy to refer you to them). For me personally, I like to have more simple sessions. This also means that we have a lot of flexibility in terms of location since we’ll be unobtrusive and able move around easily. That’s really handy when a giant tourist bus descends on the same spot that we’re shooting or when it starts to rain. We just take a quick break and walk over to another area.

Already live in Paris?

No problem! If you’ve had photos by the Eiffel Tower or Louvre already, I have a few other great locations up my sleeve. I also offer at-home sessions for family, maternity and baby photography.


what kind of a Paris photographer are you looking for?

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Engagement Session

You just got engaged (congrats!!!) and you want to celebrate the moment in the most romantic city in the world! Paris is an amazing backdrop for your engagement session and will make for unforgettable photos for your Save the Dates or wedding website.

My starting package includes multiple locations and 1.5 hours of photography and 40+ images. We’ll be in touch ahead of time to decide on the type of photos you want, the locations, the timeline and some tips on what to wear.

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Surprise Proposal

You got the ring and now it’s time to make the proposal that both of you will remember forever (and maybe make a few people jealous back home). Surprise proposals are all about preparation and flexibility.

As a Paris photographer, I know this city inside and out and can help you choose the best location for your proposal. We’ll work together to make sure that it’s as memorable as you want it to be, while keeping the stress as low as possible. While dropping down on one knee in front of the Eiffel Tower is a classic, it’s not mandatory. If you want a bit more privacy while keeping the Parisian charm, you can opt for a secluded garden or along the Seine.

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Honeymoon Session

You’re married! Now that all the excitement from your big day is over, it’s time to kick back and relax in Paris. Between sipping champagne and sightseeing, you can squeeze in a fun honeymoon session where you can capture that magical newlywed feeling. I really recommend bringing little details from your wedding (or big ones, like your wedding dress) to add a personal touch to your session.

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Family Photo Session

Couples aren’t the only ones visiting Paris! A family photo session is a great way to bring back photos that you’ll want to hang on the wall. The type of photo shoot really depends on the age and number of children. With jetlag and an exciting new environment, getting kids to stay still for photos can be a lot like herding cats. That’s why I like family shoots to be spontaneous and candid, where you can really see your family’s dynamic.

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Maternity Session

What better way to show off your baby bump than with a maternity photo shoot in Paris? It’s a great way to capture this special time for you as a Mommy-to-be while also soaking up all the beauty that this city has to offer. This is another photo session that can be customized to fit your needs. Everyone’s pregnancy is different; so if you’re not feeling up for a lot of walking or if you need to make a pit stop, don’t worry about it! We can change things up along the way so that you feel comfortable and still get some amazing photos.

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Other Types of Paris Photo Sessions

Paris Wedding Photographer

I also offer wedding photography in Paris and the rest of France. Weddings are one of my favourite events to photograph! I love the excitement, the details, all the care and planning that go into this one special day. Yup, I sometimes get a little misty-eyed during the vows. As a wedding photographer, I have a photojournalistic (aka fly-on-the-wall) approach so that I get candid moments and real emotions. I have several packages to choose from, which include a consultation, at least 6 hours of coverage, 400 digital photos, and a private online gallery.

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Lifestyle Session

So what exactly is a “Lifestyle Session”? Well, it’s just a broad term that I use to cover most other types of sessions, from fashion bloggers to individual portraits in Paris. We can work together to figure out what kind of photos you’re looking for and build a custom package that you’ll love. Things can get really creative, so feel free to share all your ideas with me, even the crazy ones!

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