Birthday Photo Session | Tatum

When Tatum’s mama contacted me to set up a birthday photo session for her 2nd birthday, I was so excited! We were planning on doing a picnic-themed shoot in the Tuileries gardens, overlooking the Louvre. Well, the weather had different ideas but we made it work for us and now this is one of my favourite photo session to date! 

I know they call them the terrible twos, but you’d never know it if you met this bubbly little cutie! She was jumping, giggling, munching on macarons and singing a surprisingly baritone version of “Let It Go”. In just one hour I managed to capture her big personality a million different ways!

Oh, and by the way, her daddy is a pro basketball player, so of course Tatum had a blast being thrown up in the air!

Toddler birthday photo session

Since it had been raining all morning, we nixed the picnic idea and instead opted for colourful balloons that matched her outfit and the fun columns of the Palais Royal. Tatum wore an adorable pink polka-dotted outfit with very stylish rain boots (a must for toddlers when there are puddles around). 

Props for your photo shoot

I highly recommend bringing some props along for family sessions. Whether it’s a favourite stuffed animal, bubbles, balloons or sweets, it gives toddlers something to do. For children that are camera-shy, it allows them to focus on something else and helps them to relax. For outgoing models-in-the-making like Tatum, props are a fun way to get different expressions and poses during the photoshoot.

Rain or shine: what to wear

One of the most important aspects of a child’s birthday session is the outfit. Yes, it should look cute (I mean, look at how stylish this little lady is), but it should also be easy to move in and weather-appropriate. For our photoshoot, we were lucky that the rain had stopped and it was quite a warm day. Tatum’s mama was well prepared; brought extra layers and a raincoat just in case though.

For photo sessions when the weather gets cooler, it’s so important to bring many layers for your children to the shoot. Cold kids are cranky kids and nobody wants that during a family session. Don’t forget that mornings can be quite chilly, even in September, so bring more clothes, rather than less. 

Every child is different

After many years of photographing children and family sessions, I can tell you that children are all different when it comes to photoshoots. Some, like Tatum, have no problem getting right into the swing of things and giving big smiles and having fun. Others need some time to feel comfortable around a new person. If you’re travelling with your family, they may even be experiencing jet lag, new surroundings and lots of big feelings. 

I like to go with the rhythm of each child, which is why I encourage a lot of play and movement during family sessions. This gets them relaxed and having fun. It’s also a beautiful way to capture their personalities and interests. 

Ready to book your child’s photo session?

Send me a message below with your ideas and questions!

Paris High School Senior Session | Lilou

Lilou and her mom travelled all the way from the US to visit family in the south of France and took a few days to enjoy Paris as well. They weren’t sure if they would be able to find a photographer in the city that could take high school senior sessions so when they got in touch with me, we planned the whole shoot in just two days! Ok, you’re thinking, but what is there to plan? 

Well, first of all, a high school senior photo shoot in Paris is a little different from a regular one back home for a couple of reasons. 

First of all, you’re in Paris and you want to capture the beauty of the city, whether it’s the intricate architecture of the Louvre, the areas around the Eiffel Tower or the cute streets of Montmartre. You’re not the only one and that means navigating the crowds of tourists and locals. 

That’s the other difference with regular high school senior sessions: the time. Most senior sessions back home take place in the evening when the sun is low in the sky, but in Paris, the best time to get the popular sites to ourselves is very early in the morning.

And how do you get from place to place (and where do you change outfits?) As a senior session photographer, I’ve got you covered. My senior photo shoots are planned out to make sure that you have a place to change clothes. I also optimize transportation times between locations to make sure we have the most time possible to photograph (taxis are included in your session fee and I try to take into account time in traffic as much as possible).

Now, back to Lilou’s session: in just two days, we planned the locations (4!), the timing and the outfits. Oh and another little challenge that got thrown my way; the massive construction all across the city (Paris is getting a little makeover for the Olympic Games, but that means that the most popular areas – the Eiffel Tower, Trocadero, and the Louvre, are all under construction for the next few years…yes, you read that right, years!)

Senior Session Itinerary: 4 hours, 4 locations

Our route for a 4 hour senior photo session included:

1 – Photography at the Champs de Mars overlooking the Eiffel Tower (followed by an outfit change)

2 – A quick stop at the stunning Alexandre III Bridge with its ornate golden decorations and views across the river of the Eiffel Tower

3 – Photos at the Louvre – this is one of my all time favourite places for photos in Paris! There are so many different spots that all give a different look to your senior photos

A walk across the street (and outfit change at the Café Nemours) to the Palais Royal.

4 We finished off her senior session with a drive (and outfit change) to Montmartre, capturing the charm of the winding streets

We got so lucky with the weather – a warm, sunny morning – but honestly, Lilou would look stunning even on a rainy December afternoon. 

Outfit Changes

The big question that most high school seniors ask is: how many outfits can I wear and where can I get changed? We actually have several options: my sessions include 1 outfit per hour of photography, so if you have a 4 hour session, that means 4 outfits. 

Here are a few ways to change outfits:

An extra tip: bring different coloured lipstick to match each outfit

Rain or Shine for your Senior Photos

As I mentioned, we got very lucky with Lilou’s senior session because we had blue skies and soft morning light, but Paris is notorious for its bad weather, so there is always the possibility of a very cloudy (or rainy) day. The best way to increase your chances of having good weather during your photo shoot is to book it during the summer, or at least late spring or early fall. 

What happens if it rains during your senior session? Depending on both our our availabilities, we can try to reschedule, but more often than not, we can continue as planned. As a photographer in Paris, I’m really used to finding covered areas to protect us from getting wet and then taking advantage of any slight pauses in the rain to get more photos in open spaces.

Paris Elopement Photography: Local or Fly-in?

I’ve seen this question pop up online many times so I wanted to share my perspective on it (and yeah, I may be a little biased, but I’ll try to keep this as objective as possible).

You’re eloping to Paris, you have a location for your ceremony, your hotel, your officiant…but you’re still on the fence about whether you should fly in your favourite photographer from back home or hire a local Parisian photographer. Here’s a quick pros & cons list of both option and some tips:

A local photographer in Paris


They know the city like the back of their hand and that means the best places to shoot, at the best times, how to optimize transportation and avoid crowds & traffic jams

Since they already live here, they will most likely be more flexible with dates and changes to your schedule

They know how to photograph Paris in all kinds of weather – sunny days, heatwaves, cloudy days, rain or even show and they’ll know which locations to choose based on the season and even time of day

They’re proud of the beautiful city that they live in and will happily tell you some fun facts and give you insider tips on where to eat, stay, etc

They’re connected to the local wedding industry and can give recommendations for hair & makeup artists, officiants, etc

The list goes on… (yeah, I’m totally not biased)


They may have trouble communicating with you if their English is not the best – actually, this is really not a concern. Paris has attracted so many people from around the world that now call the city home, that there are many native English-speaking photographers (myself included)

Prices are in Euros, so you’ll need to take into account the exchange rate

They might not have the style that you’re looking for, especially if you want fine art elopement photography – again, this is something that’s changing pretty quickly and there are more and more fine art photographers in Paris (yup, I’m one of those too)

Flying in your favourite photographer


Chances are, you’ve already worked with this photographer before and are comfortable with them and like their style

Prices are in your local currency

You can communicate with them easily, in English and in your time zone


One of the biggest problems with flying in a photographer for your elopement is that unless they have a visa, they’re not legally allowed to photograph professionally in Paris. While many photographers are able to skirt around this issue, I know of a few cases where photographers were stopped at the border and weren’t allowed to enter, which left the couple scrambling to find someone else. So if you want to have peace of mind, make sure that your photographer has a visa!

Unless they come to Paris very often, they won’t know all the best locations and when do go there for the best light and privacy

Paris can be as cruel as it can be beautiful (wow, that was overly dramatic, but bear with me). A photographer from California that creates amazing photos at sunset in a field of flowers might not be able to handle the difficult light of Paris on a cloudy day. This is something I’ve seen really often, even from photographers whose work I really admire. 

So what should you choose? A local Paris photographer or someone from home for your elopement?

It’s really up to you – take a good look at the pros and cons of each and go with your gut! Obviously, I would love to be your elopement photographer in Paris (yes, I’m a native English speaker and I have a fine art photography style) so feel free to reach out to discuss your big day!

The Best Restaurants with a View of Paris (and the Eiffel Tower)

Paris is known for architecture, food and fashion, but let’s leave fashion for another post and focus on the first two. Not only will you find culinary delights and architectural masterpieces around almost every corner, but you can combine the two for a truly amazing experience. A perfect way to follow up a photo shoot in Paris.

Here is a list of the top restaurants with a view of Paris (and the Eiffel Tower):

Jules Verne

Ok, so this restaurant doesn’t actually have a view of the Eiffel Tower because, well, it’s IN the Eiffel Tower. While it is pricey and the waiting list to get a reservation can be long, the views alone make it worthwhile. While you’re sitting 410 feet (124 meters) in the air, the floor-to-ceiling windows offer breathtaking views of the city as well as up-close details of the structure of the Eiffel Tower itself.

Image via Tripadvisor

Address: 2nd floor of the Eiffel Tower, Avenue Gustave Eiffel, 75007 Paris

Service: Lunch and Dinner

Le Perchoir

This bar is extremely popular with Parisian (even though the entrance is unmarked, you’ll know exactly where it is by the lineup outside) and once you get up to the rooftop, you’ll see why. Perched on top of the fashionable BHV store in the Marais neighbourhood it has panoramic views of Paris, including the Hotel de Ville and Notre Dame de Paris. From personal experience, I recommend bringing a scarf as things can get pretty windy and chilly late in the evening.

Image via Rooftop guide

Address: 33 rue de la Verrerie, 75004 Paris

Service: Dinner (bar)

Les Ombres

Located on the rooftop of the Musée de Quai Branly, Les Ombres offers scenic panoramas of the city and is often referred to as the restaurant with the best view of the Eiffel Tower. Mimicking the Iron Lady’s metal structure, this restaurant is the perfect place for lunch or a romantic dinner overlooking the shimmering lights of the Eiffel Tower in the evening. With its international clientele (celebrities included) and modern cuisine, this restaurant is very friendly to English-speakers.

Image via Sortir a Paris

Address: 27 Quai Branly, 75007 Paris

Service: Lunch and Dinner

Le Ciel de Paris

The only restaurant where you can actually look DOWN at the Eiffel Tower, Le Ciel de Paris (literally meaning “the sky of Paris”) is located on the 56th floor of the Tour Montparnasse. With its futuristic décor and dramatic views of Paris and the Eiffel Tower, this restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy classic French dishes and a glass (or more) or wine.

Image via Sortir a Paris

Address: Tour Maine Montparnasse, 56ème, Avenue du Maine, 75015 Paris

Service: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

La Maison Blanche

Just off of the famous Champs Elysées, you’ll find the Maison Blanche restaurant, which boasts two terraces with a view of the Eiffel Tower. Situated on top of the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées and surrounded by fashionable high-end boutiques, this pricey restaurant has a beautiful mezzanine level serving French cuisine and the upper level has a fun glow bar.  

Image via La Maison Blanche

Address: 15 Avenue Montaigne, 75008 Paris

Service: Lunch (only Mon-Fri) and Dinner and Club after 12:30am


If you’re craving seafood, an amazing wine selection and a direct view of the Eiffel Tower, then Girafe restaurant is where it’s at. The old-world charm of the outdoor terrace and the extensive greenery make this one of the most Instagram-worthy spots to eat in the city. Located at Place de Trocadero, it’s the perfect place to go after your photo session in Paris.

Image via Alexandra.Best

Address: 1 Place du Trocadéro et du 11 Novembre, 75016 Paris

Service: Lunch and Dinner

Monsieur Bleu

The Art Deco interior of the Monsieur Bleu is chic and elegant for a romantic dinner with a view of the Eiffel Tower. Located in the Palais de Tokyo museum, it’s just a stone’s throw from the Iron Lady. With a more affordable menu than other restaurants with panoramas of the city, this is the place to go for French cuisine in a gorgeous setting (and I highly recommend trying their cocktails).

Image via Monsieur le Bleu

Address: 20 Avenue de New York, 75116 Paris

Service: Lunch and dinner

Café de l’homme

Museums have some pretty great restaurants in Paris and the Musée de l’homme is no exception. Located in Place de Trocadero (the famous landmark that’s perfect for your Paris photo shoot) The Café de l’homme is a traditional Parisian bistro serving classic French fare with stunning views of the Eiffel Tower.    

Image via tripadvisor

Address: 17 Place du Trocadéro et du 11 Novembre, 75116 Paris, France

Service: Lunch

Le Terrass Restaurant

Located in the Terrass Hotel, this restaurant has sweeping views of Paris with the Eiffel Tower in the distance. The hotel is perched on a hill in the cozy neighbourhood of Montmartre, known for its winding streets and artist community (and the Sacré Coeur cathedral nearby). To book a table on the outdoor terrace, it’s best to book in advance.

Image via Tripadvisor

Address: 12-14 Rue Joseph de Maistre, 75018 Paris

Service: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Best Places to Take Photos of the Eiffel Tower

Read my latest blog post for my favourite locations for photos in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Take Home that View of the Eiffel Tower: Book a Paris Photographer

I’ve mentioned it several times in this blog post, but one of the best ways to capture your trip to Paris (and see the city with a local) is to book a photo session in Paris. As a Paris photographer, I know all the best locations and when and how to get there.

A typical session includes photos of the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre but I’m happy to change it up and go to the charming streets of Montmartre or the gilded gates of the Petit Palais.

Ready? Book your photo session

Paris Wedding | Tahnee & Yann

You’ve probably seen Tahnee on my website a few times already – she’s been a dear friend for many years, so I was thrilled when she asked me to be her wedding photographer

This wedding took place in two of the most gorgeous locations, one of which is a secret (so shhh, but ok, I couldn’t resist sharing the view from their rooftop terrace). 

I’m also so happy to say that it was featured on the blog French Wedding Style where you can see more photos from the event.

The Couple

Tahnee and Yann met each other a few years ago and after sharing a round-the-world adventure, they came back to Paris engaged! They were originally planning to get married in the French countryside, but when they had the opportunity to have their reception in one of the most exclusive private clubs in the city, overlooking Place de la Concorde, they couldn’t say no! And let me tell you, as a wedding photographer, I was thrilled too.

The Decor

Tahnee and Yann wanted to combine their French and Mexican backgrounds to create a colourful and fun wedding colour palette. White, green and Mexican pink were reflected in their florals. It was such a pleasure to take photos of such a bright and cheerful wedding.

The Dress(es)

Yes, Tahnee opted for two dresses for her day. In France, the official wedding is held at the Mairie, or City Hall, where dresses are usually shorter. This cute little number from Camille Marguet served as the perfect dress for dancing salsa. 

The second, longer dress from Elsa Gary, was made in France and made a statement at the couple’s wedding reception in the center of Paris. 

The Photography

It was such an honour to photograph this wedding! I wanted to capture both the aesthics of the day, but most importantly, all the emotion – from the vows to the father-daughter dance. 

As a fine art wedding photographer in Paris, days like these are a dream for me! We had a sunny day with gorgeous light, followed by a rooftop cocktail at sunset with a view of an empty Place de la Concorde (thank you Paris protests! While we were all worried about getting to the reception venue, it was all worth it once we got there). 

Wedding photos in Paris

While I had initially thought of taking couple’s photos in the morning at the Louvre, I noticed that we were running behind schedule and I had to quickly find an alternative location. Luckily, the couple’s hotel – the Hotel Saint James Albany, had a stunning courtyard for wedding photography. We were able to get beautiful photos without running from place to place.

Are you planning your wedding in Paris?

While I can’t guarantee an empty Place de la Concorde as a backdrop to your wedding reception, I can promise photos that show the beauty and emotion of your day. Send me a message below and let’s talk about photographing you wedding in Paris. 

Vow Renewal in Paris | Christelle & Julien

For their vow renewal ceremony, Julien and Christelle wanted to celebrate the city that they now call home – Paris! Their wedding planner, Anaide of Indirihya, organized the event and was also their officiant. 

The couple met 16 years ago in Martinique, an island in the West Indies, and their friendship blossomed into a beautiful love story that spanned the Atlantic ocean. After moving to France, Julien surprised Christelle with a proposal on her birthday, surrounded by family and friends. 

This vow renewal was featured in the summer print issue of Munaluchi magazine! Take a look here.

The vow renewal ceremony in Paris

Christelle and Julien asked Anaide to be their officiant (aka celebrant) for their vow renewal ceremony as she had known them for several years after planning their wedding. The ceremony was held at the foot of the Alexandre III Bridge, giving the couple a stunning backdrop while maintaining privacy. It was just our happy couple, Anaide and their photographer (me!)

The vow renewal photo session

It was a late October day when Christelle and Julien had their vow renewal photo session in Paris. The weather is often cold, cloudy and rainy, so we were crossing our fingers that the skies would clear up for their ceremony and photo shoot. Thankfully, that’s exactly what happened and we were able to take our photos in the Petit Palais and Alexandre III Bridge without a raindrop. 

These two locations are my favourite places – the gold, the grandeur, the opulance! Everything that Paris is famous for. When you stand on the bridge, you also get a view of the Eiffel Tower in the background.

The hair & makeup

Vow renewal photo sessions are a chance to get pampered and Christelle was lucky enough to have the beauty team of Kassaundra Stephens and her assistant Christine Hubert. They enhanced her beauty with a natural makeup look and wavy hair. I loved her hair accessories and couldn’t resist getting a few close up shots.

The wardrobe

Christelle wore a stunning form-fitting champagne dress with a removable capelet, while Juline wore the tuxedo from his wedding. They made quite a fashionable pair and fit in perfectly with their ornate surroundings. 

A few tips on holding your vow renewal ceremony in Paris

What season is best for your vow renewal?

The wonderful thing about Paris is that it’s beautiful at any time of the year. There are a few details to keep in mind for your photo shoot depending on the season. In the fall and winter, the trees are bare (unfortunately, we don’t have those bright fall colours) so I like to take photos where the architecture is the highlight, like the Louvre, Palais Royal, the Petit Palais and the Alexandre III Bridge, rather than in a park. What I like about these two seasons is that it’s off-season for tourists, so most of the iconic locations are not as crowded, making it much easier to have our photo shoot. Fall and winter means colder weather and higher chances of rain, so it’s important to keep that in mind when choosing your outfits. Don’t forget, you can always wear a warm coat and gloves that you can take on and off as we’re going from location to location during our photo session. 

Spring and summer are wonderful months when everything is in bloom and the city “wakes up”. The days get very long – sunrise is as early as 5am and sunset is as late as 10pm. This gives us so much more time for a photo shoot and more options for locations. I love the cherry blossoms and Jacaronda trees around the Eiffel Tower. 

Where should you take photos?

Paris has so many beautiful choices for your vow renewal photos. There are two parts to a vow renewal session: the ceremony and the couple’s photos afterwards. The ceremony should take place in a secluded area so that you have enough privacy to focus on this special moment. I recommend picking a hotel (like the courtyard of the Ritz or suite with a view of the Eiffel Tower like the Hotel Raphael). If you prefer to hold your ceremony at one of the iconic landmarks of the city, I know a few great spots that are both photogenic and private for your vow renewal. You wouldn’t be in Paris if you didn’t want photos of the city, which is why I recommend taking a few hours (or more) to take photos around this beautiful city. 

My favourite locations for a photo session are the Louvre, Luxembourg Gardens, along the Seine River, and the Palais Royal. 

How do you get around Paris?

Depending on where you would like to take photos, there are several options for transportation. Taxis are a simple way to get from one place to another and since I like to plan all the logistics ahead of time, I make sure that there’s no lost time waiting for the taxi. 

Another option is to hire a private car service, either a large van, which allows you to also quickly change in the car no matter where we are, or a vintage car service, which has the added benefit of looking amazing in photos. 

Ready to book your vow renewal session in Paris?

If you loved Christelle and Julien’s photos and are excited about organizing your vow renewal photo shoot, just send me a message below. I can’t wait to hear more about it!

Roxanne & Laurence | English Estate Wedding

This gorgeous estate wedding in the English countryside was a dream to photograph! Roxanne and Laurence planned everything to the smallest detail and it really infused their personalities into the entire celebration.

Wedding in Chateau de Chantilly

I was thrilled to be able to photograph this editorial wedding shoot at the Chateau de Chantilly last summer with an incredible team of over 20 vendors! We had it all – a chateau, a vintage car, a string quartet and a choir!

Paris Engagement Session | Brayan & Windy

If you’re wondering what a Paris winter engagement session in the rain looks like, look no further! This short and sweet session made up for the dreary weather with laughter and love. These two high school sweethearts crossed the ocean to live together in Paris and they wanted to take their engagement photos in the city that they now call home. 

THIS is how you do engagement photos right. Not only were they dressed to the nines (who doesn’t love a lot of sparkle?) but most importantly, they were having fun together and focusing on their beautiful connection. 

I wanted to share their gorgeous photo session as well as a few tips in case you’re interested in having your engagement session in Paris.

How to dress for a Winter Engagement photo shoot in Paris

It’s your session and there are no “fashion rules” for photo sessions in Paris, but there are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, this city gets cold and rainy in the fall and winter months. The weather is unpredictable and can change from one day to the next (don’t trust the forecast!), so it’s important to have several wardrobe choices when you come here. Men probably have it the easiest – a wool suit will keep you warm throughout the session. As for ladies, you can either go all out like Windy, in her stunning sparkly dress, or go for something a bit more casual with layers, like Molly did during her December engagement session in Paris.

Whatever you wear, the most important thing is to feel confident and beautiful, so go with what matches your style! Just bring a coat so that you can warm up while we walk between locations.

Getting glammed up for your engagement photos

Paris is home to the world’s best hair and makeup artists and I’m happy to recommend a few. Windy’s had the incredible duo of Kassaundra Stephens and her assistant Christine Hubert to accentuate her beauty. 

Where to take your engagement photos in Paris

There are so many beautiful locations in this city to take your engagement photos! For Brayan and Windy’s session, we chose the Place de la Concorde fountains and Place Vendome in front of the Ritz. 

Winter in Paris means bare trees and gray skies, which is why I recommend taking photos in locations that feature more architecture than greenery. Keep the Luxembourg Gardens, Tuileries Gardens, Champs de Mars and other parks for summer photo shoots and stick with the Louvre, Palaies Royal, Montmartre, Place Vendome, Place des Vosges and Place de la Concorde for your winter enagement session. 

If you haven’t seen it already, take a look at my mini guide on my top 5 locations for your engagement session.

What happens if it rains during your engagement photo shoot

First of all, you should know that rain (and very cloudy weather) is not a big problem for photoshoots. I would say that almost a third of my engagement sessions take place on cloudy/rainy days. Sounds like a lot? Well, that’s Paris for you, but don’t worry, we have several options for your engagement photos. If your schedule and the weather permits, we can change the date and time of the session. Sometimes we get unlucky and we have an entire week of rain. In that case, we can go ahead with the session with just a cute umbrella (and don’t worry about me, I’ve got my rain gear too). 

What will the photos look like? They’ll have softer tones, like the ones in Brayan and Windy’s shoot. Can you even tell that it’s raining? 

Book your engagement session in Paris

Ready to book your engagement session in Paris or do you want to discuss where and when to take your photos? Send me a message below!

Paris Engagement Session | Molly & Elliott

A chilly winter engagement session in Paris that almost didn’t happen! Molly was studying in Paris while her fiancé was in the US and was planning on flying over during her holidays to join her. Unfortunately, he had a layover in Montreal, which was being pummelled with snow and there was a risk that he wouldn’t make his flight. Luckily, the stars aligned and these lovebirds had their engagement session at the Louvre as planned.

Winter couple’s photo shoots in Paris

While summer is obviously one of the most popular seasons for couple photo shoots and engagement sessions in Paris, you can still take great photos in the winter here! The light is soft and flattering and you don’t need to wake up at 5am to get ready!

The sun rises quite late in the winter (close to 9am in peak winter), which means that if you’re getting your hair and makeup done before your couple’s session, you can have a (little) snooze or enjoy a yummy Parisian breakfast of coffee and croissants at a café.

What to wear for you winter couple’s photo session

Winters in Paris are chilly but nothing compared to Canadian temperatures that I was used to. The difference is that Paris is very humid and windy, which means that you’ll still want to bundle up for the photo shoot. I always recommend bringing layers – warm jackets, scarves and even gloves or mittens. Even if you’ll take them off during the photos, you can put them back on while we’re walking from spot to spot.

Keeping warm is super important in order to have a comfortable couple’s photo shoot or engagement photo session. Do you want goosebumps, purple fingers and a red nose in your photos? Didn’t think so! So bundle up!

Jackets and blazers are your best friend – I love Molly and Elliott’s outfits during their engagement session. They’re both looking stylish and keeping warm!

Where should you take photos in Paris in the winter?

There are a lot of great locations for couple’s photo shoots or engagement photo sessions in Paris, no matter what the season. However, we’re not quite in the tropics, so winter means barren trees and often gray skies. That’s why I prefer to leave the parks for the spring and summer photo sessions and go to place with a lot of architectural details like the Louvre, the Palais Royal, Montmartre, Trocadero, Bir Hakeim Bridge and Place Vendome.

What about snow? Ice? Freezing rain?

For all your northerners that are used to putting on snow boots in December, don’t worry, we rarely get snow and when we do, it’s actually very magical. The city will be at a standstill, but that just means that we’ll have more privacy for your couple’s session. We never get more than a few centimeters of snow and it usually lasts for one day before it melts away. So you can leave your snow boots at home and come to Paris with some stylish shoes (or cute boots like Molly here) instead.

Christina & Aaron | Paris Engagement Session

Christina and Aaron’s engagement sessions is one of my favourite ones to date! The happy couple, the morning sunshine, the fabulous ring (!)….it all made for some extra magical photos.

Summer couple’s photos shoots in Paris

Summer is definitely one of the best seasons to take your couple’s photos or engagement session in the City of Lights. The warm mornings and gorgeous light are the perfect combination for stunning photos. The only downside is the very early wake up times. The sun comes up as early as 5:30am in the middle of summer, so if you want time to get your hair and makeup done and get some breakfast before your engagement photo shoot, you won’t be able to hit snooze on your alarm!

Don’t worry, I’m not suggesting that you get up at 3am for your photo session (trust me, I’m not a morning person either). I usually recommend starting the session at around 7am to avoid crowds and get that soft morning light.

That’s exactly what we did for Christina & Aaron’s engagement photo shoot. Their session started at 7 am at Place de Trocadero, overlooking the Eiffel Tower. We made our way down the stairs toward the iconic landmark and then took an Uber to the Tuileries Gardens.

What to wear for your summer couple’s photo shoot in Paris

The choices here are endless! Summers are usually warm and sunny (although we do have the occasional rainy day here and there), which means that you can wear whatever you want! If you’ve decided to wear a killer pair of heels, remember to bring a comfy pair of flats. No matter how often you wear high heels, the cobblestones can do a number on your feet, so come prepared.

And gentlemen, this is the time to dress up! You’re in the fashion capital of the world, so leave the cargo pants in your suitcase and put on a nice outfit to match the stunning backdrop of the city.

I loved Christina’s chic sleeveless dress and chunky heels. Aaron looked very dapper in this jeans and blazer. Their outfits totally go together without being matchy-matchy.

Where to take photos in the summer in Paris?

Just like your outfits, the choices of locations are also endless. My go-to locations are the areas around the Eiffel Tower, like Trocadero, Bir Hakeim Bridge and Champs de Mars. I also can’t ever get enough of the Louvre and the Tuileries Gardens. There are so many gorgeous spots in these two locations alone.

My other favourites include the Palais Royal and the adjoining gardens, the winding streets of Montmartre with the grandiose Sacred Heart Cathedral (Sacré Coeur) and cute Parisian cafés. The Pont Alexandre III and the Petit Palais nearby are also beautiful locations for couple’s photos. If you’ve already done all the classic spots, I like to go to places like Parc Monceau or Buttes Chaumont. And if you’re reeeeally tired of Paris (are you though?) then I suggest doing your engagement session or couple’s photos in Versailles and Parc de Saint Cloud, both of which are a quick train ride outside of the city.

Fall Family Session in Versailles

When Emily and her family moved here a few years ago, she booked me for a family session around Paris. This time they chose a location closer to home for their fall photo shoot – Versailles! Not too shabby eh? We were so lucky because the grounds were almost completely empty and the kids had plenty of space to run around and have fun.

I wanted to share a few tips with you on how to get fun, beautiful photos like these ones for your family session.

Where to have your family session in Versailles

Versailles is an enormous estate, with one main chateau, gardens, park, and two more mini chateaux (the Grand Trianon and the Petit Trianon) and a little farm. Fun fact, the little farm was built for Marie-Antoinette to play dress up and pretend to be a shepherdess for the day. 

So where can you take your family photos in Versailles? 

The Palace of Versailles is a gorgeous location but photography is not allowed inside (unless you’re a movie studio shooting the latest blockbuster). So that leaves us with the park and gardens of the main palace and the Grand Trianon and Petit Trianon. For this family session, we stayed in the main Gardens of the Versailles Palace since the Grand and Petit Trianon are about a 10 minute walk, but that can easily turn into 30 minutes when you have 3 curious kids. 

Getting into the Gardens

The main gardens are free in the off season (beginning of November to the end of March) and paid during the tourist season (April to October). You can skip the main line to the Palace and go straight to the gardens where you’ll see a special entrance. The gardens are actually a group of mini gardens with pathways leading from one to the other. During the high season, each area has its own musical fountain show with a special show with fireworks at night. 

When to take your family photos in Versailles

The main gardens open at 9am and the gardens of the Grand and Petit Trianon open at noon. For this family photo session we came as soon as they opened so we were able to go through the ticket entrance in two seconds and had the place all to ourselves. It was a cloudy day, which is actually perfect for getting soft fall colours.

What to wear for family photos in Versailles

I always love Emily’s outfit choices for her family – everyone coordinates so well together without being too matchy-matchy. For this year’s family photo session, she chose soft, earthy tones that complimented the floral surroundings. What I love is that the clothes were comfortable enough to let the children run around and play in the gardens. 

Getting those candid photos

Family photo sessions can seem long to kids, especially toddlers, but the key is to keep them moving. That’s why Versailles is such a great place for family photos since we can move from garden to garden and the kids can jump around on the stairs, climb on benches and just round around along the alleyways. 

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