Bridal Hair Inspiration for the Fine Art Bride

We wanted to show three different hair looks that all channeled that classic French girl chic. I worked with the lovely Alesia, makeup artist extraordinaire, who accentuated Anna’s beauty with a natural makeup look.

Look 1: Loose waves

For brides with long hair, natural waves can be a stunning choice for their wedding day hairstyle. A delicate headband can add a touch of elegance and accentuate the face, as Alesia did for Anna. Alesia’s tip is to pair long, wavy hair with headbands or hair combs for a beautiful and effortless look.

Look 2: A low bun with tendrils

For a bridal hairstyle that exudes elegance and depth, Alesia recommends a low bun with natural tendrils and curls framing the face. This versatile style can be accessorized with hair combs or hair pins for added flair.

Look 3: A no-fuss low bun

When it comes to bridal hair, it’s important to consider not only the style you want but also any accessories you’ll be wearing, such as a veil. Alesia, a bridal hair expert, recommends opting for soft and romantic styles, like a low bun, to complement your wedding day look. And when choosing hair accessories, be mindful of sharp edges and wires that could snag your veil. Instead, opt for combs with soft beads and contours to ensure everything stays in place and looks beautiful all day long.

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