Paris Elopement | Jordan & Austin

Jordan and Austin envisioned an intimate elopement in the City of Lights, and yours truly was their Paris photographer of choice to capture the day. This couple is so clearly in love and Jordan couldn’t help but beam the entire time. I loved her flowing bridal gown and Austin’s matching light gray suit, which fit perfectly against the soft tones of the Louvre.

Where to take elopement photos in Paris

We started off with a photo session at the Louvre in the very early morning, which is why we had the place almost all to ourselves (that’s not photoshop – when you arrive at the right time, you’re able to avoid all the crowds of tourists).

The Louvre is a classic location and gives you so many different options for your elopement photos. The intricate architecture of the original palace is beautifully contrasted by the sleek, modern look of the pyramids (yes, there are more than one) and fountains. 

If we had had more time for their elopement photo session, I would have also added on:

All of these locations are beautiful in their own way and make gorgeous backdrops for elopement photos. They’re also not very “green”, which is not a bad thing! That’s because the architecture looks good in all seasons. 

Where to hold an elopement ceremony in Paris

After our pre-elopement photo shoot, we made our way to meet our officiant at the fountain of the Luxembourg Gardens. It offered a private area where the couple could exchange their heartfelt vows just as the cloud parted and we had the most beautiful dappled sunlight on the ceremony. 

In case you’re wondering, the Luxembourg Gardens is just one of the many places for an elopement ceremony in Paris. Here are a few other locations that I would recommend:

Another great option for an elopement ceremony is a hotel, such as the Ritz, Shangri-La, Hotel Raphael, just to name a few.

An officiant for your elopement in Paris

Jordan and Austin chose Laura of the Paris Officiant as their officiant for their ceremony and offer a beautiful speech before their vows. 

There are a number of English-speaking officiants (celebrants), both secular and religious, in Paris that specialize in writing and orchestrating elopement ceremonies. I’m happy to recommend a few  when we discuss your elopement photo session. 

Everything you need to know about elopement photography in Paris

Take a look at my guide on planning and photographing your elopement in Paris

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