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Surprise Proposal in Paris | Josh & Elaine

I absolutely love photographing surprise proposals in Paris and here’s why: not only is it a privilege to be part of such an important moment in people’s lives, but I’m a softy and I love seeing the rollercoaster of emotions after the proposal. When Josh contacted me to photograph his poposal to Elaine, I was so excited to work with him to organize it. 

Organizing a surprise proposal in Paris

If you’ve ever seen photos of a surprise proposal in Paris, it looks like the couple is just casually strolling by the Eiffel Tower when all of a sudden, one person gets down on one knee, pulls out a ring and voila! It looks easy, but there are lots of little details that make the experience more special and honestly, less stressful. 

Personally, I like to plan the proposal ahead of time, like I did with Josh. We decided on where to meet – a private area at the foot of the Eiffel Tower – as well as the setup and the moment itself. When I say setup, I mean what type of photos of the surprise proposal I will be taking. There are generally two options: the “full” surprise, where I pretend to be a stranger walking by and then photograph the proposal like a ninja, or the “photo shoot” surprise, where we have a regular photo shoot, but the proposal happens in the beginning of the shoot. 

Josh chose the second option and that’s actually the one that I prefer (and recommend). It works especially well for American couples that are used to doing photo shoots when travelling. It means that the person being proposed to will dress up, do their hair/makeup/nails (so important!) and won’t be wondering who the lady with the camera is. 

What I loved about Elaine’s style was that it was casual chic, and it worked so well for a hot summer in Paris.

The Proposal

Back to Josh & Elaine’s story: they met me by the Eiffel Tower in a secluded area of the gardens where they were able to get some privacy. We started off as a regular photo shoot and when he was ready, he gave me the signal, I moved out of hearing distance and photographed the big moment! She was surprised, overjoyed, and very emotional (and yours truly was there to capture it all). 

The Post-Proposal Photo Session

After the surprise proposal, we continued with the rest of the photo session around the Eiffel Tower, crossing the Seine River and making our way to Trocadero. When we reached the bridge, we had another surprise in store for Elaine – champagne! It’s an extra fun detail that makes photo shoots just that much more relaxed and joyful!

Let’s book your surprise proposal in Paris

Josh & Elaine’s session took place in the height of summer when the weather was warm and the trees were green. If you want to see a late winter/early spring proposal, take a look at Jake & Megan’s proposal session.

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