5 Most romantic places

For your Paris engagement session in 2023

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You're engaged!

You’re engaged, you’re in love, you’re over the moon! Your trip to Paris is even more romantic now that it’ll be the backdrop for your love story.

The city is full of gorgeous architecture, cute cafés and cobblestone streets that make anyone look like they’ve stepped out of an Audrey Hepburn movie.

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I’ve photographed couples all over Paris in all four seasons (yes, rain or shine) and there are definitely 5 locations that I would always recommend for an engagement photo session.

Why are they my favourites? It’s not just the architecture, it’s also the light, the number of people (no one wants the neon green jogger photobombing your Save the Date photo), the architecture, and the variety of scenery (meaning, how many different backdrops can I get in one location).

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The Louvre & Tuileries Gardens

This is hands down my favourite spot for photos because there are so many spots that give you a different architecture, lighting and mood. When most people think of the Louvre, they imagine the famous pyramid, but did you know that there are actually 4 of them? One big one and 3 smaller ones, so pyramids for everyone! Then you have the beautiful palace walls with all of their intricate details and sculptures.

I also like to go to the adjacent building (that most people completely ignore) for more privacy while still getting the stunning facades. Across from the pyramid is a very photogenic mini Arc de Triomphe, which leads to the Tuileries gardens. Fun fact: in the summer, you may come across a pair of goats living on the sloped edges of the lawns. They’re there to cut the grass where a normal lawnmower can’t access.

Palais Royal

A very close second on my list of favourite places for engagement sessions in Paris. It’s just across the street from the Louvre and is often quite empty, especially in the winter. The most famous part of the Palais Royal are the striped columns but there are also beautiful “greige” (get it? Grey and beige) columns that make everyone’s skin absolutely glow. In the summertime the gardens and manicured trees add a little nature to the photos.

Bir Hakeim Bridge

This bridge is great for getting those classic Eiffel Tower shots without having to elbow through a crowd. While you may see some other couples, wedding parties or even fashion models on the bridge, there are plenty of areas to choose from. The bridge itself has that old world charm, with its steel beams that were immortalized in the film Inception (remember, the bridge folds in on itself?).


Montmartre used to be a small village on a hill far away from Paris. Today it’s been swallowed up by the city but still retains its charm. While there are definitely crowded touristy areas, I have a few hidden streets that I love to photograph in.

couple at the eiffel tower in paris for engagement session

Trocadero is one of the most famous sites for engagement photos with the Eiffel Tower. I remember when you could have the whole place to yourself if you arrived at the crack of dawn. Unfortunately, those times are gone, but for the couples that are really keen on Trocadero, there are some beautiful spots (like the famous stairs).


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