Couples Photo Session in Paris | Sarah & Brian

Whenever I have a couples photo session with another photographer, I always get a little nervous, like I’m going through some sort of a professional exam. But each time, I just end up having a fun photo shoot where we occasionally “talk shop” and get to compare the differences of being a photographer in Paris vs in other parts of the world.

That’s exactly what happened during Sarah & Brian’s couples session in Paris (on a side note – how much do you love her dress???? I had to hold myself back from asking her to twirl too many times). 

First top: Bir Hakeim Bridge

We started off at the Bir Hakeim bridge, overlooking the Eiffel Tower. What I love about this location for couple’s photos is that it offers so many different views. The lookout gives a stunning panorama of the Seine river and the Eiffel Tower, while the metal bridge (from the movie Inception) gives a totally different perspective. I also love using the nearby buildings with their impressive architecture as a backdrop for couple’s photos. 

Next: Couples photos at the Louvre

We then headed to the Louvre to continue the couple’s photo shoot. This is one of my favourite places for photos because it looks good during any season (take a look at this winter engagement session and this summer photo shoot), any time of day, rain or shine. The architecture is to die for and the pyramids and fountains give a sleek, modern contrast to this historic building. Yes, it can get crowded with tourists, especially in the middle of summer, but luckily, I know some great spots where we can take our photos in peace. If you’ve seen several different photo session at the Louvre and wondered why the pyramid looks like it’s changing size, that’s because there are actually 4 pyramids in the courtyard – 1 big one and 3 mini ones. I love taking photos in front of all of them to get different views. 

Last stop: Photos at the Palais Royal

I love finishing off couples photo shoots at the Palais royal, which is just across the street from the Louvre. It’s “greige” (get it? Beige and gray) walls make everyone’s skin glow, no matter the season. It also combines so many photogenic spots all in one fairly small location: the striped Buren columns, the fountains, classic architecture and romantic gardens. Even on a cloudy day, this is such a beautiful place to walk around and take couples photos. 

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If Sarah & Brian’s couples session got you excited about getting your own photos in the city, send me a message below to find out more. I love the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, but I’m open to any other locations you have in mind. Looking for ideas for an engagement session? Take a look at my top 5 locations in this post.

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